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Online Arabic keyboard - لوحة المفاتيح العربية - Arabic keyboard

Arabic keyboard - لوحة المفاتيح العربية - Online Arabic keyboard

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Arabic keyboard: is a online editor keyboard to type (write) text or search in arabic and English at the same time.

Arabic keyboard - Online Arabic keyboard

Arabic Keyboard is a simple and unique Arabic language keyboard for learning, writing, chatting and typing in Arabic. His autotext in Arabic language. You can use the Arabic keyboard to write Arabic text, emails, messages, and appointments. The keyboards in English (QWERTY) and Arabic work side by side. You can easily switch to Arabic keyboard from English and vice versa.

Easy Arabic keyboard and Arabic typing work twice. You can type in English and on the latest Arabic keyboard. Smart and unique Arabic English keyboards have a variety of features. Automatic Arabic text keyboards help you a lot when talking to Arab friends. Arabic keyboard writing with harakat is unique (لوحة مفاتيح عربية مع الحركات).

Arabic keyboard

How English and Arabic keyboards work ?

• You don't have to Download and install this productivity keyboard it is a free online keyboard.

• Open the Arabic keyboard website.

• Go to Arabic / English keyboard button and change between arabic virtual keyboard and english Virtual Keyboard.

• Click on Shift to have more arabic characters or english characters.

• Click on CAPS lock to change the Alphabets from lowercase to uppercase.

The keyboard view is a simple and easy to use interface. The editor keyboard is widely used because it is the purest language in the world. The Arabic language is used when you need to write Arabic messages to countries in the Middle East or your friends.

• The main features of easy Arabic keyboard and Arabic writing are shown below.

• Use English and Arabic keyboard keyboards at the same time.

• All Arabic alphabets and number are available.

• Beautiful graphical user interface.

• Automatic forecaster and converter in English and Arabic.

• Write Arabic and English in nice and fast.

• The English and Arabic keyboard layout is simple and easy to understand.

• Compatible with all mobile phones and tablets.

• Compatible with all Internet browsers.

This is the exclusive Arabic English keyboard to communicate with friends. Arabic language student can easily use it to communicate in emails and messages. It is a simple Arabic keyboard with Harakat. Easy Arabic keyboard and Arabic typing fully obey the privacy policy, its one hundred percent security, we do not save any keystrokes or personal data.

Enjoy using the free Arabic typing keyboard. Maintaining the fact that nothing is perfect, we greatly appreciate our customers for their comments and reviews for improving Arabic keyboard and typing. Feel free to contact us at the contact form or leave suggestions to our support. Thank you.

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